Friday, 30 July 2010

Workshop on the Power of Consensus

SOIS (Society of Iqbal Studies) presents
The Power of Consensus
How are our personal opinions related to opinions of the society, and do we lose or win by respecting this connection? What are the types of consensus and how do we recognize them? Why do we need to recognize them? Are there existing sources of moral power which we have failed to utilize? How can we empower ourselves with the least effort?
These are some of the core issues of Iqbal Studies that will be addressed in a two-hour session conducted by Khurram Ali Shafique, Research Consultant, Iqbal Academy Pakistan.
Saturday, July 31, 2010
4 pm to 6 pm
I2L Academy, 201-O, Block 2 (Opposite Ghausia Mosque), P.E.C.H.Society, Karachi.
Contact: Dr. Irfan Haider,
For Directions: Mr. Waqar, 0346 321 6009
  1. Driving on Tariq Road, if you are going from the liberty signal towards Allah Walla Chowk, take third left, and then take fourth right. Masjid Ghausia would be on your left (if you don’t see the Masjid, you are lost; ask for it). I2L Academy (201/O) is right in front of the shops in the Mosque adjacent to International School.
  2. From Allah Walla Chowk if you are on Shahrahe Quaideen, going towards nursery, take left on the road just after McDonalds. Then, take fifth right. On your left would be Imperial Court (Chinese Restaurant). Go down and then take 3rd right. Masjid Ghausia and its shops would be on your left. (if you don’t see the Masjid, you are lost; ask for it). I2L Academy (201/O) is right in front of the shops in the Mosque adjacent to International school.

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Connie L. Nash said...

Just before seeing this post by Khurram Ali Shafique Sahib, I made a draft to include some items from this discussion in a new post.

Also, I plan to include excerpts on a great father as well as writer from his son, Dr. Ahmad Safi, who wrote a magnificant Intro to the 1st English edition of his father's "House of Fear". So,do look for this in various places.

Yes, I realize that I'm not the right one to be writing about this author - at least not for awhile. Yet, soon I will finally be able to read first Safi book in English and Urdu together (for a learning tool as well as keen interest)...

So I will merely become just another fan and now it's your turn.

Perhaps the stage has been set for each and all of us to explore our earlier literature for keys to living now.

And the stage is alive - waiting for YOU to remember these "fading keys" and their writers - even their documentary-makers. Now it is YOUR turn to tell about them - yet most of all to provide these KEYS in a way that others will understand their meaning for this era...

YOU are now joining us in helping to remake the nation and the world to come. YOU are the vital ones now and for the future.