Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Controversial Facebook Page is Back

The controversial Facebook page is back since Saturday, although some users in India have found it difficult to access it somehow. According to PC World, “the Facebook users who created the page put it back up.” On Saturday it had 108,000 fans and over 11,700 photos posted on it (you can read additional reporting on Pro Pakistani).
So it isn’t over yet. Muslims who think that the whole issue is childish and beneath the dignity of response, and therefore should be ignored may have a point but they also need to address that overwhelming majority who thinks otherwise.


ReeBz said...

Well, i really have no words.. its such a sick work, showing their sick and low mentality. I heard about this few days back and decided to not to write about it cause its something simply enraging!!

And i just hate all of those people who are still in the favor of facebook!!They donot have anything to defend their opinion.. they just say FB isnot doing this comeon..humph..!!

rIZ said...

Some of my friends are accessing facebook through another ip and port settings. I just can't believe how can they do it! They should leave facebook as soon as possible! :(